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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Surviving Day 1...

Wow! Yesterday was Day 1 of Yoga Teacher Training with Michelle at It's All Yoga. A simple sentence that totally does not convey all the amazingness of the day. It also does not convey how totally exhausted and useless I was when I got home last night! I slept 10 hours and then, to my surprise, woke up totally refreshed and ready to go for Day 2!

A few juicy morsels from Day 1:

The way we stand is how we greet the world.

So much of our doing is undoing.

A question after we spent a good hour or so with the plumb line and finding our alignment/posture...
Why do we take a different stance when we are in Tadasana (tree pose)?  
(as in, why aren't we always standing in alignment?)

There was so much to yesterday I am still mulling over. We had a lovely Circle in the beginning, a good basic practice so she could see where we were (from all stages of yoga practice and flexibility), some fun exercises in balance and posture, and a start to seated meditation.

My intention for the day was to be patient with myself.  I was probably around 85% of the time. But it was interesting to me that I noticed when I was not being patient, breathed and reminded myself of my intention. It mostly worked.

Some things I noticed about myself (not new, just listed for my own awareness of them): my body doesn't like to sit for periods of time without having to change my leg position, my inflexibility issues come to my mind more than I want them to, my mind has a hard time quieting for meditation, and I was fidgety during savasana (corpse pose for final resting). Things to think about, things to work on... and probably (more from last post)... things to let go of.

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  1. Thank you for the window into Day 1, which I had to miss. All the reviews were valuable. It's sure a great opportunity to practice self-acceptance, ain't it. I agree with you there!