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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thoughts about values exercise...

After our last Sunday class, one of our new homework pieces was to carry something we thought about on the weekend into the next couple of weeks before we met again.

One of our class exercises last session was about our values. We had to make a list of all the values we could think of and then pick 10 of them that applied to us. Then we shared them with our training partner. Now I have done various values exercises in the past, including things that were more feelings than values such as Danielle Laporte's core desired feelings, which are how you want your actions to make you feel as well as how you're striving to live your life -- mine are listed HERE on this other blog post from earlier this year.  I had a list of values I had downloaded from the computer before so I looked on that list and I picked a whole bunch of things that I thought might apply to me and then I pick 10 of them. The 10 that I picked were:

  • self-reliance
  • self-improvement
  • patience
  • creativity
  • balance
  • calmness
  • true to myself
  • independence
  • resourceful
  • helpful

Then a came time to share our list with our partner. One thing that I realized as I heard her list was that most of her values were geared towards how she was going to treat or be with other people. Mine were mostly inward, about me and things that I thought would be valuable in my life. It was an interesting distinction – – not wanting to compare really but just noting that it was an interesting distinction, or difference, in our lists.

So I chose to think about this over the last couple of weeks and I realized that first of all I do have some values that include others but mostly the values that I feel are more inward, to help make me a better person, are things I need to have in place before I can truly be helpful to others. I think it is still something I need to think about but now that I'm aware of it think it will be easier to incorporate this thinking into my normal life.

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