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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Setting intentions...

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During our training class last Sunday we as a group had to teach a class from a list of poses we had generated. We all took one pose and went through the group 2 times I was at the very end and therefore had the opportunity to close the yoga practice. I spent a quick moment thinking about how other yoga teachers had closed our class practices and was reminded that many of them have set intentions at the beginning of class and mention that at the end. Even though we had not set any intentions at the beginning of our makeshift session, I decided to act as if we had. I said something about reviewing the intentions we had set for the session and sending the yoga practice out to a loved one, or to the universe in general, similarly to how several of my teachers have done it and then ended with a "hands to heart center in anjali mudra" and a namaste to the class.

This got me to thinking again about intentions. Almost a year ago I wrote this in my "other" blog (the one I had earmarked for arty things that sort of got taken over by gardening and food things):
"I love the idea of setting intentions to do something. We do that in yoga class a lot. It would happen more if I actually went as much as I intended to go, but that goes in the reality part later. I had a lot of intentions for once I retired...

and the reality of it so far is that a lot of them are happening at a very slow rate. I know, everyone tells me I have all the time in the world... but I don't really. I have this one moment. One moment then another moment.  I have today. Then tomorrow I will have another today. THAT is where I am falling down... I have a lot of things planned for future days but am not doing them each today.

If that doesn't make sense, don't worry... it is just lately forming in my own mind as well. This whole retirement thing is a little different that I had imagined too. That is ok, it is just not what I expected. Which is also ok... one of my intentions was to let go of some of my tight expectations.."
Interesting to read this again and see that it is still something I am working on (or need to work on). I am good about setting intentions for my yoga practice but not much else in my life still. So that is going to be my focus again, setting an intention for things I do. Maybe I will get the really important things done that way?


  1. When everything stops, it's interesting to really see how we spend our time. Are we doing the things we wish we were? Are we really living how we want? Has it all been a dream somewhere in the future? Atha. Thank you for this honest post. And, thank you for doing such a wonderful job sealing our practice.

    1. Thanks for the comment Kathryn. I guess we need to start getting used to teaching each other in class now -- was a lot more difficult than I had thought it would be. I guess knowing a pose inside our head is different than breaking it down for someone else. Will be interesting in the weeks to come!